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HB 921
Allows school that are deemed priory but are making significant gains to remain with their local school district. This legislation saved 7 schools in Memphis and 3 in Nashville from state takeover

HB 1026
Gives companies incentives to hire at least 10 occupational wage full time employees in areas with a poverty level of 30% or higher. 

HB 693
Creates a comprehensive plan to examine better outcomes and prevention for Diabetes across Tennessee.   

HB 2266
Welfare - As enacted, requires the commissioner of human services, in consultation with various governmental and non-governmental entities that serve poor people, to conduct a study of poverty in Tennessee and submit a state anti-poverty plan to the governor and the general assembly by January 15, 2015.

HB 2479
Education - As enacted, requires the state board of education, department of education and the office of research and education accountability to confer with other stakeholders and determine the best means of establishing a best practices clearinghouse.

HB 2267
Litter Control - As enacted, enhances the fine for the offense of aggravated criminal littering when the amount of litter exceeds 100 pounds in weight or 30 cubic feet in volume from no greater than $2,500 to between $2,500 and $4,000.

HB 2270
Criminal Offenses - As enacted, adds new money laundering offenses for knowingly using property with intent to obtain, purchase, display, sell, conceal, comingle, or transport criminal proceeds or commit TennCare fraud; provides for forfeiture of assets and proceeds used in such violations.